Here it Comes!

Working on a preview of my comic project When Life's Just Super, in preparation for the New York Comic Con! Our hopeful protagonist declares his intentions to be a superhero... but there's more to this ambitious goal than meets the eye. While following his life as he tackles this pursuit, we meet a cast of unusual characters whose lives are increasingly intertwined.

Made in collaboration with my close friend and invaluable freelance editor Jon Gorga. Check out his photo-comics blog at The Comicsmithy and the site where he and Josh Kopin post comics-centered reporting/conversation at The Long and Shortbox Of It!

(See live sketches of the panels at last year's NYCC in the Eventageous section of my site.)

In the photo: Tweaking the cover image while on a bus trip to Baltimore! Headed there for a wedding, that fortuitously falls on the same weekend as the Baltimore Comic Con. Perhaps you'll see me there on day 2. Also, met fellow travelers Rey Arzeno and Eric Guerrero who will have a booth in Artists Alley at both conventions.

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