First two pages of BLIND, a small book I plan to have ready for the Locust Moon Comics Fest and/or New York Comic Con. There are several accounts of Jesus healing the blind, but I noticed that the circumstances vary widely. Here, Jesus takes him to a quieter place, and the charcoal helps give it a softer, muted effect. I wanted to emulate the clouded world the man experiences. Then grouped together, or as a matching pair, have a story that is loud and jubilant.

Evil or Good

One of my favorite characters I created way back... when Daskian shows up mysteriously, the other characters (along with the reader) are unsure of his motives and true nature. Is he as innocent and friendly as he seems, or is all a front to cloak his sinister plans? Her certainly has secrets, but that could just be his tragic past hiding beneath a cheerful exterior. You'll just have to read the book... once I've revived it from the faded sketches of my high school days.

This picture's designed to be spit, as 2 matching bookmarks.


Collaborating with writer Zubair Simonson on a comic where the ancient Greek gods are living in modern times, awaiting a great conqueror who is prophesied to restore them to their former glory. Unaware of his cosmic destiny, Alex is more worried about his angry boss and the girl who doesn't like him. While some gods scheme how to make him their champion, Hermes and a few others hope to see him challenge this fate, and use his power for nobler purposes rather than wield it as a force of mayhem and destruction.

Hermes and Cerberus go for a walk (see color version on main page).

Scripture Comics

Started some mini-comics based on Bible passages. This is the first page of one, from Luke 13:18-20. Incorporating unique lettering as a significant element of the image.

Fighting to the Death!

Our hero Volt fights the villain Squip, who's got him in a bind. Will he be squeezed to death, before he has the chance to shine? What did he ever do to this guy, anyway?

The inverse is intriguing too, producing a chalkboard effect.

Preview: When Life's Just Super

Preview of my comic in the works, When Life's Just Super. Actually, this part of the story is abridged - in the final version, you'll see our protagonist wake up from the dream a few pages later into the action, when the situation takes a turn for the worst. He imagines himself stop this disaster from happening, changing the outcome for better. This is the epiphany, the moment he decides to become a superhero. And boldly declares it soon after. You can already see what his friend's response will be... (back cover is next to the title page)

At The Con

Co-habituated a table with my friend Mindy Indy at the New York Comic Convention! See my mini-comics on display, including the premiere of my current comic When Life's Just Super: 2012 Preview Edition.

Here it Comes!

Working on a preview of my comic project When Life's Just Super, in preparation for the New York Comic Con! Our hopeful protagonist declares his intentions to be a superhero... but there's more to this ambitious goal than meets the eye. While following his life as he tackles this pursuit, we meet a cast of unusual characters whose lives are increasingly intertwined.

Made in collaboration with my close friend and invaluable freelance editor Jon Gorga. Check out his photo-comics blog at The Comicsmithy and the site where he and Josh Kopin post comics-centered reporting/conversation at The Long and Shortbox Of It!

(See live sketches of the panels at last year's NYCC in the Eventageous section of my site.)

In the photo: Tweaking the cover image while on a bus trip to Baltimore! Headed there for a wedding, that fortuitously falls on the same weekend as the Baltimore Comic Con. Perhaps you'll see me there on day 2. Also, met fellow travelers Rey Arzeno and Eric Guerrero who will have a booth in Artists Alley at both conventions.


A stand-alone side story, with two characters from my forthcoming superhero comic. (See the bottom row of the character page below.) Plays with perspective, and how people with unusual powers would see the world from a different angle - literally. Although most of the comic will have detailed line and color, here I went back to an atmospheric black ink wash technique. Distributed copies as a mini-comic at MoCCA indie comics fest in April 2012.

Soon to come: Preview of Issue 1 for New York Comic Con 2012! Look for updates by October...

Just Super

Transforming from his humanoid form to wolf-shaped tsunami.

Still for the moment, but ready to jump into action if provoked. Like a deadly spider. Good thing she sides with the good guys.

Main character with his future superhero team and comrades. (Recognize the people to his right? You were just looking at them.)

The oh-so-encouraging best friend...

In development: My original superhero comic! While some cliches are inevitable, with a fresh set of characters and several twists, I hope to create something that breaks from the ordinary fare. A multi-genre story with a humorous tone and numerous layers. Completion will be gradual, but keep an eye out for updates and short releases.